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Give yourself that extra insight with the personal messages the cards can give you. When you dare to open yourself up to that which we cannot explain, you will discover a new layer in yourself and in your life.


1 hour / € 60

Affirmation Reading online

Affirmations are powerful statements with which you can activate your mindset. When you apply this very consciously, you will notice that you will achieve what you want to achieve so badly.

You are going to manifest!

During an Affirmation Reading we use the affirmation cards to discover which affirmations you currently need to get closer to your goal.

Mijn Kompas Reading.png

1 hour / € 60

Affirmation Reading online

Is your compass already pointing to your North? Are you on your way to your goal or are you wandering in circles?

During a My Compass Reading we use the inner compass cards to discover where your attention may be going at the moment. Often we do not move forward because we have all kinds of invisible blockages in our body and in our mind. The use of these cards clarifies which blockages these are. Then we will discuss how you can best apply this message in your life.


1 hour / € 60

Affirmation Reading online

What is your purpose in this life? If you dare to open up to the answer, you will also get an answer to this question. Living from inspiration is the most blissful life we can live.

During a Life Mission Reading we use angel and goddess maps to clarify your roadmap in this life. Not only will you gain more insight into your role in this life, you will also experience more inner peace. Most customers describe that it feels like the puzzle pieces are finally falling into place.

Of course you will also receive coaching and guidance during this session to translate your life mission into your daily life as well as possible.