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“What you see is what you get! Clear, clear, transparent, businesslike, empathetic, humor, honest ... Hanneke gives energy, is refreshing and is above all motivating, she has given me a boost to continue to believe in myself and to keep doing things true I'm good at it. ”

“The Intuition Challenge gave me a sense of togetherness and challenging emotions.

I have experienced Hanneke's guidance as pleasant and skilled. ”

Gerard van der Plas Funeral director / December 2020

“I had a sparring session with Hanneke twice to familiarize yourself with online coaching. What I like about Hanneke is that she is very open in who she is, what she encountered and has encountered herself and is very willing to share her knowledge and practical tools. Nice to work with an expert who is down-to-earth, direct, energetic, result-oriented and positive. Thanks Hanneke for our meetings! ”

Orlando Adolphus MfN Registered Mediator / December 2020

Willemien de Lange Office Manager / November 2020

“Your positiveism and enthusiasm are not only clearly tangible, they are also the characteristics of an entrepreneur. You have already faced many challenges in your life, especially in the financial field, and that has only made you stronger. ”

Robbert Aarts Active Investor, Business Architect / October 2020 (quote from the 7 questions talk show)

“I had contact with Hanneke twice via zoom. What is particularly striking is her use of language. Straightforward and does not mince words. She knows very well what she is talking about, really listens and makes real connection. The tips I got from her were clear and to the point. So if your coach is looking for who really listens, connects, feels exactly where your bottlenecks lie, occasionally involves a little humor, makes it clear to you very quickly what you can work on and is not afraid to give you a loving kick if necessary. to give your ass, you've come to the right place at Hanneke. "

Marcel Olthof Service technician   / July 2020

“We already clicked on LinkedIn. Conversations in private messages followed.

When we discovered that we lived close to each other, we decided to move from online to offline. We met at a distance of 1.5 meters, on the terrace of the tea house in the Leidse Hout. There we both told our story. Hanneke told how she got to where she is now. What its mission is. What makes her happy. Her comment "If a customer comes back to me too often, I am not doing my job properly." hits me. Hanneke guides entrepreneurs to get the best out of themselves and their entrepreneurship. Hanneke is honest and makes no bones about it.

I am an ambassador for Hanneke! "

Marieke Smit LinkedIn TopVoice 2020   / June 2020

"Hanneke is a real spiritual gangster! A topper of a business coach, who really lets you take the next step. No banter, say no like it is and give those kicks under your butt. I really enjoy working with her and her positivity is infectious. I hope to be able to realize great projects together for years to come and above all, laugh a lot together. "

Harrie Lamers Connection broker , Business coach   / April 2020

“Hanneke has the talent to take you on a journey to yourself, without it becoming cloudy. She lets you consciously make contact with what you cannot reach with your thoughts. "

Rachel Marbus Privacy Officer   / February 2020

“After first working with Hanneke at Fintage House, where she impressed by combining her roles as HR Manager and Office Manager, we worked together during her period as a consultant. Hanneke is direct, hands-on, streamlines processes and ensures that the agreements made are fulfilled. She makes adjustments where necessary, removes obstacles with humor and is creative in finding solutions that all parties involved can agree with. I can highly recommend Hanneke, she is real, direct and open, very pleasant to work with! "

Vincent Kenter Controller / July 2019

“I attended a wonderful workshop in which we worked on our personal goals in an exclusive group. I still regularly use the tools that I took out there. "

Melanie Meijer Lifestyle Coach / July 2019

“Hanneke is so open and honest, she can naturally be a coach who gives you different insights and can show you a new path. She is also incredibly creative in this! I heartily recommend her to anyone who - for his or her feeling - is faltering. Tackle those struggles!

Thank you, Hanneke! "

Corry van Ginhoven Virtual Assistant   / June 2019

“Today I followed a workshop with Hanneke at the Libelle summer fair.

What a very beautiful person that is! Inspiring stories and beautiful exercises.

Thanks Hanneke! "

Trudy Borm   / May 2019

“It has been nearly three years since I worked with Hanneke, and I still remember advice she gave me during my time working with her. She sees the people around her not just as colleagues but as human beings with individual journeys and she is sincerely curious to know the person - how they are doing, what motivates them. I was inspired by her unique perspective on life, and how she embraces change and challenges. Hanneke is enthusiastic, persistent, and always quick with a joke to lighten the mood. Excellent team leader !! "

Cally Brandt Marcom Assistant   / March 2019

I was working with Hanneke for some years and she was a great help when I moved to the Netherlands. I have learned a lot from her, she helped me to find my way in the new situation. Even in hard times she was always there and I could always turn to her in work or private matters. And it was better than any therapy. She has the talent to show you a different way of seeing things and help you to grow. I was always amazed that she could solve absolutely any issue with her positive attitude and creative thinking. She is an incredible person and I highly recommend her!

Nikolett Gálóci HR Officer / March 2019